Arielle Jennings is a Brooklyn-based art educator and 2014 RISD Illustration alumna. When not creating intersectional feminist artwork and diverse children’s book illustrations, she can be seen baking chocolate bourbon pecan pies or binge-watching crime shows on Hulu. Her favorite color is blue and she has a love for scarves. Her artwork can be seen on her website and her Instagram/Twitter handle is @arimjenn.

Posts contributed to by Arielle Jennings

IRAN: Forbidden Same Sex Love

Writing by Nita // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // I was eager to write my story in order to prove to everyone around the world that although we are dissenting voices in our community, we can not open our heart to people easily without fear.

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Target is Whitewashing Pocahontas

Writing by Luize Scott // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // When did whitewashing become a consumable trend in dolls again? I thought we were past this. I still have my original doll with gorgeous dark caramel skin and that was from the 90’s. Why is whitewashing happening in 2018?

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WOMEN WE LOVE: Sojourner Truth

Writing by Cecilia Nguyen // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // Not only was Truth an abolitionist, but she also became more active in supporting women’s rights, religious tolerance, pacifism, and prison reforms.

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Contraception Confusion

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // Whether it be the taboo of talking about sexual health or just a lack of knowledge overall as a population, I think we could all benefit from new and improved sex ed classes.

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Memories: What My Pop Taught Me

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // My pop taught me a lot of things: along with a few silly jokes, he instilled in me an understanding of the value of things.

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I Stare Back

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Illustration by Arielle Jennings //  Being eyeballed by creepers blows. You feel so powerless. You feel so pathetic. You’re so scared and you have to pretend like you don’t see guys doing it when YOU CLEARLY DO.

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