Astrid is a 16-year-old Melbournian who one day hopes to be a diplomat and travel the world but for now she is stuck at high school and otherwise passes the time by reading, cooking and expressing her feminist rage.

Posts contributed to by Astrid Hickey

We Aren’t Living in the Republic of Gilead ….. yet

Writing by Astrid Hickey // The Handmaid’s Tale along with the policies we’ve been seeing in the United States, is a wake up call to feminists, activists, and reproductive healthcare workers and organizations to keep fighting for women’s freedom of choice.

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Q&A with Katherine Hymer

Interview of Katherine Hymer by Astrid Hickey // Gothic songstress Katherine Hymer will launch the video for new single, In The Sky at Melbourne’s underground cinema, LongPlay this week. She chats with Ramona’s Astrid Hickey.

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Q&A with Lizzy Clowds

Interview of Lizzy Clowds by Astrid Hickey // Astrid Hickey chats with Lizzy Clowds of Montreal synth-pop outfit, Lizzy & the Fanatics about their glitter-packed new single and special edition zine!

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A Feminist’s Perspective on Hack Live

Writing by Astrid Hickey // If MRAs were a genuine, intellectually thorough movement, they would have realized by now that many of the supposed issues men face are results of toxic masculinity, not of the feminist movement.

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