Auzeen Mendoza is a creative writer based out of the Bay Area in Northern California. She is a UC Berkeley alum and an ambassador for the Haiti Deaf Academy. On most days you will find her rearranging furniture, badly singing to her toddler and reminding people she can’t hear them.

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Why References On Gilmore Girls Are Important

Writing by Auzeen Mendoza // At some point last year, I rewatched all of Gilmore Girls including the revival, and now more than ever, I was able to get most of the references. Seeing how I have progressed over nearly 20 years made me realize how powerful knowledge is.

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A Fine Line

Writing by Auzeen Mendoza // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // Just another hour until the sun went to bed and the sky would be dark and blue again, then Izarah’s shift would be over. She put her headphones back on and returned her duties, holding back tears over Opus 23.


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