Ayelén is 23 years old, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is five subjects away from being licensed in advertising and is already working at an advertising agency. She is also a dancer and teacher. In her free time she loves to draw, listen to music and create imaginary choreographies in her mind. You can follow her on Instagram @heylen.draw

Posts contributed to by Ayelen Lujan

Lessons Being 19 Taught Me

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // I guess I’ve matured a lot in these last two years, whether it be from trauma and loss or just my brain kicking into adult drive. Here are the few pearls of wisdom I want to share before my twentieth birthday rolls around:

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Writing by Carolina Bardelli // Ayelen Lujan // We are more empowered than ever, because we know that we are not alone and that feeling will not be taken from us. We own our bodies and our desire and we know that sooner than later the legalization of abortion will be a reality.

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Fear And Strength As Portrayed By Jessica Jones

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // An interesting comparison between masculinity and femininity can be made when comparing Jessica Jones to her male Netflix/Marvel counterpart Daredevil. While Jessica Jones emulates a feminine fear of being controlled, Daredevil portrays a much more stereotypically masculine fear of a physically debilitating injury or disability.

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REVIEW: Dear White People

Writing by Sunny Adcock // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // The tagline on the promotional posters for ‘Dear White People’ read “bet you think this show is about you” and indeed, I am sure that many white audiences will watch the series and feel enraged. Rightly so? No. As someone who doesn’t at all believe in the idea of ‘reverse racism’ I find it hard to find sympathy for viewers who denied themselves the opportunity to enjoy a satirical and educational piece on race and instead decided to make it all about themselves.

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WOMEN WE LOVE: The Brontë Sisters

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // The world isn’t perfect; modern day women are often encouraged to publish under gender ambiguous names or initials to appeal to a more diverse audience, like J.K Rowling, for example.

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WOMEN WE LOVE: Catherine of Siena

Writing by Areti Lambrellis // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // Catherine began travelling through Italy with her ‘family’ of followers and contemporaries, teaching, speaking, and helping the ill and poor. This lifestyle was extremely radical for an unmarried woman raised in poverty, and the fact that she was not persecuted by religious authorities during this time is astounding.

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Me, My Body and I

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // If it’s hard to know why you are beautiful and should love your body, go and look at yourself in the mirror. Instead of listing things that you hate, list things that you think are unique and that no-one else has.

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ADVICE FORUM: Lost in the Stars

Advice by Freya Bennett // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan 

And how can you ever really know if someone is right to spend the rest of your life with?


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WOMEN WE LOVE: Maud Wagner

Writing by Amanda Finlayson Park // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // Maud provided us with inspiration through her uniqueness, her tenacity and her entrepreneurial spirit that flourished in a profession dominated by men.

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The Bandage Club

Writing by Viv Mah // Illustration by Ayelen Lujan // CW: depression, suicide.
I worry often that it it too easy for us to hide in these fortresses we’ve constructed otherwise, where everything hurts and nothing hurts at all. Or that we think we’re better off that way.

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