Billie Morris is a freelance female artist living in Victoria, Australia. She is 22 but still feels 12. She struggles to stick to one medium but does mostly Collage and Illustration, both digital and on paper. Take a look at her website.

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Writing by Ruby Jones // Art by Billie Morris // Ruby Jones is back with the perfect playlist for this magical time of year – as Ruby says, this is “the ultimate soundtrack for hexing the patriarchy.” Get listening for some witchy Fleetwood Mac, thrilling MJ, and spooky Dusty Springfield.

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Taking Up Space: Reclaiming My Body Through Weightlifting

Writing by Sophie Pellegrini // Illustration by Billie Morris // Weightlifting is one more way I get to defy the patriarchy as I build muscle, growing stronger and bigger, resisting the voices in my head and all around me that say I would be worth more if there were less of me. 

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