Briony Brake is a student at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. She is a writer and editor on her own film blog, Talk Movie To Me, and her new online site for young women, Anthem. She has also written for Hanna, and is interning with Tigress to write, edit and work social media. She likes film, tea, and eating.

Posts contributed to by Briony Brake

New Year’s Is Alright, I Guess

Writing by Briony Brake // Photograph by Sandra Lazzarini // I don’t expect anything from New Year’s now, but I can’t wait for the next year because I know that anything can happen and that anything will happen.

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What is My Body For?

Writing by Briony Brake // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc // My body is what I need it for. I am in control, and I am responsible for its wellbeing. My body is for me, and me alone.

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