Caylin is a freelance print and digital media artist focused on creating empowering work for survivors of mental health. She is a graduate of UC Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Cultural Studies. Caylin’s favorite project has been with @ucrcare  where she designed, printed, and distributed free empowerment and healing materials for survivors of sexual assault. This project produced free prints, stickers, coloring books, and zines as a free resource to faculty, staff, and students. She continues her advocacy by sharing her artwork as a part-time Etsy seller.

Caylin is passionate about creating change within her community through the distribution of free and accessible resources. Follow her journey on Etsy and Instagram!

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A Vignette About A Crop Top

Writing by Natalie Williams // Illustration by Caylin Yorba-Ruiz // Over time, my boobs became more of my physical identity than I would have liked them to. However, to my own surprise, when I got into my first real relationship my partner had never once made me feel bad about the size of my boobs. 

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