Chiara, 18, is an Italian girl and photography is her passion. Seeing the world through her lens is what makes her live, and not just survive. In every photo you can find a piece of Chiara. Take a look at her Facebook page.

Posts contributed to by Chiara Cappetta

Mania and Expectations

Writing by Lily Amos // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta // You don’t need a manic episode to go within to find the courage to change your expectations–that’s just what did it for me and made me appreciative of how my brain works sometimes. Look inside and see if you have anything you really want to change but are too scared to.

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Young Women in Politics

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta // While the negative experiences of being a woman participating in politics can be horrible, I do try and look at the positives. I believe in the importance of participation in politics.


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Dating and Coming Out

Writing by Sinead Simpkins // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta // My advice for those who are in a similar situation is that you need to be accepting of yourself. You’re the only one that can define what being a bisexual (or gay or straight) means to you.

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Not All Men

Writing by Manasvi Chauhan // Photograph by Chiara Cappetta

CW: Violence against women, mention of rape.

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How a One Night Stand Awkwardly Helped me Establish my Sexual Identity

Writing by Flora Patterson // Photography by Chiara Cappetta // CW: Mention of Sexual Assault and Rape I always told myself the reason why I never engaged in casual sex was that it just wasn’t what I felt comfortable with, all the while finding it acceptable for anyone else. Yet I realised that instead, I had been imposing higher expectations on myself that I didn’t place on my friends.

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ART SERIES: Before The Dawn

Writing and photographs by Chiara Chappetta // I find it easier to express myself through pictures rather than words, so I hope these photos show how special our time at dawn is.

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