Clair Wainwright is a virgo baby that loves copious amounts of gelato, sparkles and baths. Whilst listening to old classics she would rather stay inside in front of a fire until the sun blesses her with its warmth so she can be amongst nature again, one of the purest joys in life. Clair is also avid in painting the town in all kinds of colour via a space to thrive exploring fashion, art, music and writing. A special thank you to Wayne’s World and Patti Smiths ‘Just Kids’ for always being there for her. Keep up with Clair on her website, Instagram @electricvibesblog and @electricvibesTumblr, and Pinterest.

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BABES IN BUSINESS: Clair Wainwright

Interview of Clair Wainwright by Freya Bennett // Still open to featuring worldwide talent I have recently stepped back to focus on sharing Australian based creatives; aiming to support and recognise their contribution in the areas of art, music, fashion, business and design (plus a heck of a lot more – no limitations).

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Interview of Imogen Murray by Clair Wainwright // I make films as I am both growing and learning, as I want the audience to grow and learn with me.

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