Claire is 18 years old and is from Melbourne, Australia.  Her favourite colour is the blue of the ocean, she loves the smell of hot chips in winter, and she tells all her friends they are amazing no matter what.

Posts contributed to by Claire Wastell

The Ability To Accept Disability

Writing by Claire Wastell edited by Sandy Hsu // Photograph by 林偉偉 // Despite our ever evolving and accepting society, people with disabilities are still not completely tolerated in our day and age. 

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Writing by Claire Wastell // Edited by Sandy Hsu // After the hour and a half was up, I realised that buying the ticket was in a way my own vain attempt to make myself feel better; to forgive myself for using my car and buying plastic.

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Writing by Claire Wastell // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // It was her humble smile that caught me. She sat, knees crossed, leaning back slightly in what seemed a mid-laugh. She looked like the kind of old lady that would let you eat chocolate when your Mum said no.

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Decoding Mental Illness

Writing by Claire Wastell // Photograph by Sol Avena // The stigma that comes with the term anorexia had held back my recovery for years. I didn’t want people to talk about me and think of all the loaded connotations that come with the label anorexia.

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The Dinner Table Politics Breakdown

Writing by Claire Wastell // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // It is always hard to find the right information, especially with our busy lives, and to identify the key points among the mass media and useless gossip of our local politicians.

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