Clemence Leclerc is a young French photographer. She is 18 and catches the beauty of people and little moments of life with her camera. She considers photography as a therapy to accept ourselves and tries to make people feel better about themselves by photographing them. Follow her work on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube.

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MY MUSIC: An Autobiographical Playlist

Writing by Naila Karim // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc // Ultimately, there is rarely any type of music that I don’t like. It’s taken me most of my life to realise that I’m lucky enough to have people in my life who have introduced me to the wide range of music that I listen to today.

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ARTIST FEATURE: Clemence Leclerc

Interview of Clemence Leclerc by Sophie Pellegrini // I am Clémence Leclerc, a young redhead French girl living near Paris. I am 18 and started photography four years ago.

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The Implanon Was Not For Me

Writing by Sarah Margaret // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc // Within the first month of having the Implanon removed and not being on any form of hormonal contraception, I noticed significant changes in my mental and physical health.

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A Date With My Armpit Hair

Writing by Maddie Langley // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc // Underarm hair never fails to be a subsection of female anatomical autonomy that is always being discussed.

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What is My Body For?

Writing by Briony Brake // Photograph by Clemence Leclerc // My body is what I need it for. I am in control, and I am responsible for its wellbeing. My body is for me, and me alone.

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