Dejah Greene is a 22-year-old semi-self taught photographer from Maryland. Dejah has been shooting photographs for about seven years and focuses on appreciating the beauty in simplicity. Along with shooting portraiture, Dejah also enjoys documenting life through photographs. Follow Dejah on Instagram @greeneuphorias, Tumblr, Facebook, and her website.

Posts contributed to by Dejah Greene

ART SERIES: Smooth Bumps

Writing and Photographs by Dejah Greene // There are so many of us who suffer from mental illness and self-harm. There are so many of us who feel like we do not deserve the good in life.

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Writing and photographs by Dejah Greene // We were given our tones, bumps, stretch marks, scars, rolls, and hair for a reason. We only have one vessel to house our souls and we often forget who the real owner is.

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This Black Girl’s Recovery Guide to Mental Illness

Writing and photographs by Dejah Greene // I am a black woman and I have Bipolar II disorder. Over the last several years I have experimented with different ways to relieve the hopelessness and loneliness I feel most of the time.

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