Del Santana is a photographer from Brazil who likes creating stories and making them real with her camera. Follow Del on her blog, Instagram, and website.

Posts contributed to by Del Santana


Writing by Zadie McCracken // Photograph by Del Santana 

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How to Feel Empowered to Help the World

Writing by Aisling Grey // Photograph by Del Santana // When we feel frozen for what to do next, or how we can do something – anything; taking a big picture view can be useful.

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Dear Anxiety

Writing by Isa Denney Strother // Photograph by Del Santana // Anxiety, please, just let me grow up and learn from my mistakes. You cannot keep me safe from everything! Sometime, I’ll just have to trip and fall down a hill, or get a little too close to the edge and give myself a fright, but I’ll trust I’ll be alright.

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