Elise is an international relations and politics student living in Brisbane. She loves making new friends, exploring outdoors and crafting. It is her life goal to meet Leslie Knope.

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Harvey Weinstein: A Common Story

Writing by Elise Langford // Photograph by Sandra Lazzarini // We can support our fellow females, and hold our brothers, fathers, mates, boyfriends, sons, and other males in our lives to account. Sexual harassment and assault is not acceptable, and it stops with them.

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Weapons of Mass Definitions

Writing by Elise Langford // Photograph by Sandra Lazzarini // With tensions rising between North Korea and the United States of America, it can be hard to understand the terminology used surrounding nuclear weapons, let alone predict what will happen

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THE POSTAL VOTE: Show Them How It’s Done

Writing by Elise Langford // Photograph by Marta Braggio // If you’re over 18 please make sure you are on the electoral roll. If you’re under 18, encourage your older friends/siblings/parents/workmates/random people you meet in the street to register and to vote.

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