Emily Dozois is an 18-year-old photographer from Ontario, Canada. She is known mostly for her conceptual self-portraits that are mainly inspired by her struggles with a severe lung disease. At the age of fifteen, Emily discovered photography and the artistic freedoms it gave her to express the troubles that she faces on a daily basis in a healthy way. Since then, Emily has not stopped creating with the hopes that her images can inspire others to do the same. See her photographs on Flickr.

Posts contributed to by Emily Dozois


Writing by Tawney Bevilacqua // photograph by Emily Dozois

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Writing by Ruby Jones // Photo by Emily Dozois // Ruby Jones’ final playlist for the year is here! Celebrate the holiday season, the new year, and some holiday downtime with this star-studded list of tunes.

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Perfectly Ordinary: Missing the Wonderkid Boat

Writing by Kaylee Rankin // Photograph by Emily Dozois // This deep feeling of anxiety over the prospects of being ordinary may be a millennial thing, it may be a human thing, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I had missed my window for greatness, that anything I would achieve in the future would be nothing compared to someone who had done it at a younger age, better or worse.

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