Erandhi Mendis is a 20 year old Commerce student/burrito enthusiast whose first real crush was Seth Cohen. In her spare time she handwrites tattoos for people, watches Seinfeld re-runs and listens to Blink 182. Often confused with fictional cartoon character Daria.

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A Chat About Race with Erandhi and Sandy

Words by Erandhi Mendis and Sandy Hsu // Illustration by Joy Gomez Kolber // In the pop music industry – we are just so much more willing to love and praise boys and be quick to be cruel to girls. This probably applies for the general real world too.

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Let’s Talk About Mean Girls

Writing by Erandhi Mendis // Illustration by Mar García // Everyone knows that Mean Girls is about bullying. We all KNOW this. Whether or not we pay any attention to that is a completely different story.

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