Eve Dangerfield has loved romance novels since she first started swiping her grandmother’s paperbacks. Now she writes her own sexy tales about complex women and gorgeous-but-slightly-tortured men. Eve currently lives in Northcote with her lovely sister and a rabbit named Billy. When she’s not writing she can usually be found drinking, dancing or making a mess. Check out her website.

Posts contributed to by Eve Dangerfield

I Stare Back

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Illustration by Arielle Jennings //  Being eyeballed by creepers blows. You feel so powerless. You feel so pathetic. You’re so scared and you have to pretend like you don’t see guys doing it when YOU CLEARLY DO.

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Consent: A Conversation

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Ida A // I was twenty two when I first learned about consent. To be fair, I went to a Catholic school. The only sex-ed we got was a rundown on fallopian tubes (handy!).

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How to Not Feel Totally Miserable About Climate Change

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Adrianna Wojciechowska // Our time is an era of earthly destruction and we have to crack on as best we can. So, here is my best advice for any fellow humans who might feel, as I do, a bit nervous.

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Eleven Things I Know About Rape

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Sophie Pellegrini // I was raped. I am a rape victim. Say it, think it, remember it, but please, if you can, also remember that you don’t have to feel sorry for me.

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Me and My IUD

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photographs by Tiziana Gualano // It’s been three months since I got my IUD and most days I forget I have one. This, if you ask me, is how perfect birth control should work.

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Defending the Smutty Novel

Writing by Eve Dangerfield // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano // I am here to tell you that being happy and horny is highly important and you can read and think about sex as much as you like.

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