Fabliha Anbar is the Editor In Chief of Sorjo Magazine. She identifies as a 19-year-old queer Bengali woman who is based in New York City. Fabliha is a writer that focuses on advocating for queers of color and smashing stigmas against South Asian women, mental health and body image. She reflects her own experiences as a fat femme queer Muslim onto her writing and believes storytelling is a powerful tool to heal souls. You can follow her on instagram: @bengalisun

Posts contributed to by Fabliha Anbar

Skinny People Need To Do Better

Writing by Fabliha Anbar // Photograph by Luiza Anderle // It’s understandably hard to navigate and balance your own insecurities about your body that you just can’t help but have. But it’s important skinny folks change their perceptions and eliminating an equation that “fat equals ugly”.

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