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Fi Macrae

Fi Macrae is a Consumer Advocate and founder of the fast-growing community Private Parts. The driving challenge of years spent in debilitating pain, trial and error therapies, multiple surgeries, hormone treatment and everything in between, was the isolation Fi experienced. In her efforts to access an inclusive online community where allyship and education supported each other in facilitating discussions around mental and sexual health, Private Parts was born.

Private parts is a web series and online community facilitating conversation around the ‘private parts’ of our lives and society. It is an inherently collaborative space to converse, question, share knowledge and support one another, a space that removes the stigma of shaming people into silence over topics pertaining to their sexual and mental health. Although the name Private Parts is a cheeky nod to society’s prudishness, the conversations on Private Parts are anything but. The aim is to challenge the idea that we must keep certain things to ourselves.