Franz Lang is an Italian illustrator.  After successfully completing a BA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Venice, she moved to London (UK) where she now lives and works surrounded by plants. You can check out her website here.

Posts contributed to by Franz Lang

Dealing With Aunt Flo

Writing by Julia Anderson // Illustration by Franz Lang // In this patriarchal culture, women are implicitly encouraged to be ashamed of their menstrual cycle and whatever comes along with it. I used to hide the fact I was buying pads or tampons.

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The Fake Geek Girl

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Illustration by Franz Lang // Girls in this community are always accused of ‘faking it for attention’. Women who show an interest in ‘geeky’ content are quizzed relentlessly, forced to prove our knowledge for the right to call ourselves a fan.

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The True Overachievers of This World

Writing by Olivia Ireland // Illustration by Franz Lang // Numbers, medals, and certificates seem to define a person’s achievements. However, what really adds to the quality and depth to a person’s time throughout university and life is having the ability to lift other people up, commit even when the world around you says no and create a positive environment.

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Being Multiracial

Writing by Kim Koelmeyer // Illustration by Franz Lang // All in all, cultural identity is tricky. Every person experiences it differently, and cannot simply be confined by a particular biological nationality.

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My Two Minds Part 2

Writing by Freya Madders // Illustration by Franz Lang // It was strange that I felt like such a failure and so terrible about myself after eating anything, yet the people who loved and cared for me would always tell me they were proud of me and that I showed courage and bravery for doing so.

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My Two Minds Part 1

Writing by Freya Madders // Illustration by Franz Lang // I’d forgotten who I was apart from my eating disorder. I could no longer separate the two of us: ED and me.

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