Giulia Nicosia is a passionate 50% Sicilian and 50% Maltese girl who is in love – and always excited – with everything and anything in life. She enjoys observing and documenting the outstanding craziness of  the world and people around her through art, whether it´s through drawing, photography, writing, performing or anything else. Currently based in Scotland but on her way back to Malta very soon to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Communication Studies.

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The Role of Fat

Writing by Giulia Nicosia // Photograph by Stefania Papagni // Why is it that we talk about acceptance and self-love and then congratulate people for losing weight – a congratulation that causes the brain to release dopamine for engaging in a forced act we feel the need, but most probably not the desire to execute?

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Dear Me

Writing by Giulia Nicosia // Photography by Tiziana Gualano // So, here I am, making the decision to write a short letter full of clichés to myself right now, from myself right now…

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