Helena Ravenne (1992) is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Currently, her work on ‘Female Empowerment’ is presented in an exhibition in Sydney. The project originated from the personal desire to find female role models in illustration & design. Over 25 brilliantly talented and strong women are at the centre of her exhibition. Her work is available for sale in selected concept stores in Germany and her online shop

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16 December 2012

Poem by Richa Gupta // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // CONTENT WARNING: Rape, abuse of women, murder

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Religion And Sexuality

Writing by Chloe Sewell // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // I remember the main universal Christian teaching, which is embedded across all Bible stories; across all Christian denominations; and it is the basis of all other monotheistic religions too: God loves everyone equally.

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Writing by Claire Wastell // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // It was her humble smile that caught me. She sat, knees crossed, leaning back slightly in what seemed a mid-laugh. She looked like the kind of old lady that would let you eat chocolate when your Mum said no.

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Writing by Freya Bennett // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // I mean we can talk about boobs until the cows come home and we’d still have endless themes to cover right? If you’re a boob owner or just a card-carrying member of the boob appreciation society, welcome, pull up a giant novelty boob chair, and read on.

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RUBY’S MONTHLY PLAYLIST: Dancing with myself

Writing by Ruby Jones // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // Our resident playlist creator Ruby Jones presents her third monthly playlist – ‘dancing with myself’. This is a playlist to chuck on when you’re feeling yourself, whether a seasoned groover or not!

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Writing and illustration by Helena Ravenne // Helena Ravenne illustrates nine steps to getting over heartbreak.

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Australia says YES

Writing by Aisling Grey // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // This postal vote has been an exercise in humiliation and frustration at the best of times so I cannot understate how proud I am of every single LGBTQIA+ person who battled through it all.

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Writing by Various Contributors // Illustration by Helena Ravenne

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The Insecure Extrovert

Writing by Olivia Ireland // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // In a world of complex personalities, it is important we all acknowledge the difference between face value and what really goes on beneath that.

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To Those I’ve Loved

Writing by Ferris Knight // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // We will go on adventurers together, make a home together, and achieve our dreams. I have so much love waiting to give it to you.

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