Hope is a quirky 17-year-old making her way through her senior year in high school. Passionate about making things with her hands, writing, and moving her body like an aquatic animal, she aspires to work for the arts and make the best sandwiches for picnics. Hope is still exploring her talents as she dabbles with photography, poetry, painting, and all sorts of expression. Tigress Magazine is her first internship for the arts, and most likely not her last. You can find her everyday teen silliness and amateur pieces on Instagram @skunky.punky_.

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Interview of Sofia Sita by Hope Antonellis // My inspiration comes from everything; I’m a curious person and I think this could be an advantage.

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MONTHLY MANTRA: September 2016

Mantra by Hope Antonellis //  September, melt me like an icecream in the palm of your hand to reveal my true spirit. I am bare and whole as I enter the orange glow of fall.

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I Feel Fat Today

Writing by Sophie Reymond // Illustration by Hope Antonellis//I have decided to come to terms with the fact that I cannot feel good about myself all the time. And you cannot either.

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