Irene was born and raised in Paris, France to an Eurasian family. She currently lives in Shanghai, China and spends most of her time making music, writing essays, and teaching children English. She enjoys traveling, learning new things, reading books and going to museums.

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I Was Afraid To “Pop My Cherry”

Writing by Irene Shrader // Photograph by Anais Nannini // My first time wasn’t scary to me anymore by the time it happened. It was consensual, relaxing, and the chemistry was delightful. I did it with someone I love, but nothing about that specifically changed me as a person.

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How I’m Turning Trauma Into Power

Writing by Irène Schrader // Photograph by Ramona Langner // I am not going to sugarcoat it: the healing process is a roller-coaster. To this day, I find it hard to talk about past struggles with ease, validate my feelings, and cope with triggers and relapses.


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