Isabella Roxburgh is the Sub-Editor of Ramona Magazine for Girls and a Melbourne-based feminist with a BA(Hons) in Sociology. She has published a course unit for high school students on gender identity and expression, developed training programs on the Rule of Law and gender bias, and is currently helping out at The Fabric Social as a grant-writer and fundraiser.

Posts contributed to by Isabella Roxburgh

Not Everyone Needs a Megaphone

Writing by Isabella Roxburgh // Artwork by Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts // Given that we have so many powerful people in public spaces fighting to dismantle the reproductive rights of women worldwide, not to mention the verbal and physical violence endured when accesing the procedure and pervasive social stigma, why did The Lily think it was advisable to publish not one, but two anti-choice features? 

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Interview of Fi McAlpine by Isabella Roxburgh // Started by three young Australian women, The Fabric Social is a Melbourne-based clothing label whose producers are conflict-affected, displaced and other vulnerable women in Asia. They are basically Fashion Without Borders.

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Interview of Deb Mak by Isabella Roxburgh //  Sometimes I think that being able to say you’re proud of something doesn’t come that easily to young women, and I’ve noticed that in my friends.

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Plan B

Writing by Isabella Roxburgh // Photograph by Tiziana Gualano // Any person should be able to receive unbiased, non-judgemental healthcare. Yet, here in the middle of our discussion about emergency contraception was a very loaded question.

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But Sport Is For Boys

Writing by Isabella Roxburgh // Photograph by Makeda Sandford // When I was younger—much younger—I desperately wanted to play soccer, and for a very brief, barely memorable period, I did.

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ADVICE FORUM: How to Be Happy

Advice by Isabella Roxburgh // Photograph by Elodie Mosely

How do you find joy and look forward to the coming day when life’s got you down?

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