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Jil R.

Jil R. was born and raised in Switzerland and later moved to South Africa where she had an abortion at the age of 27. She is the founder of Pro-Healing, a global organization that accompanies both women and men during their grieving process. Pro-Healing stands as an alternative option to Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Since they do not want to influence anyone in their decision nor take on any political views, their service is exclusively for when the abortion is through.

Jil aims for her story to be a taboo-buster and to break the silence about the impact an abortion can have on someone’s life. She believes that many are still grieving in silence as shame, guilt, and self-hatred prevent them from seeking help. Her goal is to create a safe haven where people can exchange their experiences free from any judgement. Additionally to her newly launched organization, she is busy finalizing her book in which she not only shares her story, but actively wants to support the reader in his healing by sharing the exercises, affirmations, and new beliefs that helped her find inner peace again. I Pro Healing (@pro_healing_) • Instagram photos and videos I Pro_Healing (@pro_healing) | TikTok