Jodie Matthews is a writer with a penchant for the bittersweet. An art school drop-out, Jodie ran from the beautiful Cornish countryside and found herself in the smoggiest city, Stoke on Trent, where she works as a nine to five Technical Writer and a full time creative. Her number one aim when writing is to be self-questioning, honest, and invoke a feeling of nostalgia. She has been published by Black and Blue, Parallel Mag, Ladybeard and more. Her newest collection of poetry ‘Live With the Lump in Your Throat’ is available via She enjoys coffee and romance (both bittersweet) and dislikes writing about herself in the third person. Find her on her website and on Instagram @jodiermatthews and Twitter.

Posts contributed to by Jodie Matthews

Take What You’re Given

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photography by Selma Reis // The idea that we, the queer, bi, lesbian girls, have to take what we’re given stuck with me for a really long time.

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Sad Girl in the Real World: Managing Your Mental Health at University

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photograph of Lucía Pereyra //Managing your mental health at university feels like a monumental task. Mentally stable and physically prepared students struggle enough, so those of us that feel like we’re tip-toeing along the line of sanity are in for a real kick in the ass.

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He Still Sends Flowers

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photograph by Alessandra Scalogna  // What do you do if you leave an unhappy relationship and your situation gets worse?

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Finding Yourself in a Relationship

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photograph by Federica Santolamazza // Finding yourself in your relationship is the best thing you can do for your partner, and yourself.

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Queer Sex

Writing by Jodie Matthews // Photograph by Pipi Gimenez // As it stands, queer women appear to be homogenised into two groups– masculine and unattractive (read as: not seen as “real women”) or fetishised commodities for the male voyeur.

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