Joy Gómez Kolber is a 28-year-old little woman from Argentina. She was born in Santa Rosa, a small city in La Pampa, but now she’s based in Buenos Aires. She’s a freelance illustrator (and this is what she loves the most). She’s in love with music, rainy days, coffee, pizza, aliens, and inspiring humans. Follow Joy on Facebook and Instagram.

Posts contributed to by Joy Gómez Kolber


Writing by Ruby Jones // Illustration by Joy Gomez Kolber // Our playlist extraordinaire Ruby Jones is back with her definitive winter playlist – the perfect collection of tracks for a cosy winter’s day, with just you and the sound of wind and rain. And if you’re in the midst of summer, this playlist will help you to craft the insular winter vibe you’ve been craving.

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Interview of Gomez Kolber by Freya Bennett // Life is short, so do whatever you want to do, work hard and just go for it. Always be open to learn from others.

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BABES WHO BRUNCH: Freya Meets Kyla

Interview of Kyla Bartholomeusz by Freya Bennett // Illustration by Joy Gomez Kolber // Kyla Bartholomeusz is a dancer, singer and actress who has been touring Australia in shows such as Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock You.

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Undiagnosed: Missing Out & Staying Positive

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Illustration by Joy Kolber // It’s frustrating, not only because a diagnosis is still questionable and so is a treatment, but because of the things I miss, like a social event or a birthday, because I’m in the position of not being able to leave my bed without fainting.

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