Katie Buddle is a feminist fashion blogger and an Anthropology and Gender Studies major. She is interested in deconstructing femininity and gender roles, sourcing ethical and thrifted fashion, writing poetry and diy-ing ridiculous novelty jewellery. She is a strong advocate of smashing the patriarchy, body positivity and cute socks. Take a look at her blogInstagram, and Facebook page.

Posts contributed to by Katie Buddle

New Year, Same You: Celebrating Mediocrity

Writing by Katie Buddle // Photograph by Ani Malguina // I think we always expect to have learnt something by the end of the year, like an arbitrary metric of twelve months is going to be a perfect and compact neat little box of self-exploration, trial, tribulation, and renewal.

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Throw Like A Girl

Writing by and photographs of Katie Buddle // My male best friend would be told to sit with his legs parted, palms fisted and firmly positioned by his knees. I was told to sit with my legs closed, shoulders back with my hands folded neatly in my lap.

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Dresses, Tresses, and Gender Messes

Writing and photographs by Katie Buddle // I think there is potential in “reclaiming” femininity as a means of subverting what we think is powerful, important, and valuable.

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