Leah Pellegrini is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and creative communications strategist. She is also an avid doodler, a devoted journal-keeper, an avocado toast aficionado, and a concrete jungle explorer. She believes in small beauties, the significance of serendipity, and the healing powers of a sunset and a mug of hot tea. You can follow her on her Instagram account @leahcpell or find more of her work on her blog called The Core Stories.

Posts contributed to by Leah Pellegrini

Diabetes, Up Close

Writing by Leah Pellegrini // Photograph by Sophie Pellegrini // From my eyes, here’s what type 1 diabetes looks like up close: not much. It’s more or less invisible on the surface.

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A Universal Guide to Compassion

Writing by Leah Pellegrini // Photograph by Marion Lanciaux // The truly compassionate approach is to let our friends’ problems hang loose, wide, expansive, and unlabeled. To recognize that we don’t “get it,” and we can’t, and that is okay.

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