Leanne Surfleet is a photographer from and currently living in a small town in the UK. For the past 5+ years, Leanne has been shooting mainly self-portraits which has been a way of dealing with a lot of anxieties and facing the idea of her own mortality. Leanne says that “photography can often be a kind of therapy.” You can see her work on her websiteFlickr, & Facebook.

Posts contributed to by Leanne Surfleet

Transgender Transgressions

Writing by Lucca Valentine // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet // I am concerned that in being taught to be the young woman I was supposed to be I have been left completely unprepared to be the young man that I am.

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Writing by Bebe Dragovitch // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet

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On Losing Weight

Writing by Alana Cole // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet // As a fat girl, you are often treated like a victim, someone who is almost certainly a loser. Sadly, there is some truth to this much of the time.

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Nudity: Society’s Double Standard

Writing by Freya Bennett // Photographs by Leanne Surfleet // In our modern society, where the female body has become more and more of an object to sell products, we need to stop and look at our relationship with the naked female body.

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Conquer Your Cramps

Writing by Freya Bennett // Photograph by Leanne Surfleet // Cramps can vary from mild to excruciating, and I think it’s fair to say most people don’t find them enjoyable.

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