Lexi Lawrence is a 16-year-old writer and online content creator from London. She is known for her blog www.lexilikes.com , where she writes about fashion, culture, travel, social issues and her life. She loves art and photography, watches far too much TV due to her fascination with film, and is obsessed with travelling to new places. Keep up with her work and adventures on Twitter and Instagram via @lexilikesblog.

Posts contributed to by Lexi Lawrence

Fashion and Feminism: Partners in the Digital Age

Writing and photographs by Lexi Lawrence // Loving fashion doesn’t mean that I can’t have deeply-held views on feminism. I see no reason why these two positions can’t exist side by side, and maybe even hand in hand.

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MEET: Lexi Lawrence

Interview of Lexi Lawrence by Sophie Pellegrini // I love to write – I’m a compulsive storyteller.

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