Lula is 19 years old and from Berlin. Her interests change almost weekly, which she finds kind of scary but is now slowly learning to appreciate. Right now she is obsessed with food, outer space and beauty in all its different forms. Other than that, she is fascinated about educating herself on basically everything.

Posts contributed to by Lula Bornhak

Paralyzing Fangirling

Writing by Lula Bornhak // Image by Brooke van der Linden // My mind starts to draw this giant, unrealistic painting of my role models, presents them as perfect human beings. No flaws, no problems, no struggles, succeeding effortlessly. And even though I know that this is not the case, it tricks me every time.

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How to Create Your Own Altar

Writing by Lula Bornhak // Photograph by Sofia Higgins // For me, creating an altar is one of the ultimate practices of self-love. The altar that I am talking about has nothing to do with religion. It is simply a place to connect with your inner light again and celebrate your beautiful soul!

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