Maria is a work in progress who one day hopes to be an inspiration to young girls who are trying to work it all out too. She lives in Brisbane and loves to write, dance and create things.

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Writing by Maria Emrides // Illustration by Freya Bennett // Intimacy isn’t just skin to skin contact, it’s sharing part of yourself and your energy and all of those things deserve to be mirrored by someone who values connection in the same way you do. So take the time to define what it means to you first, and let it be worth waiting for.

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Getting Comfortable with Inadequacy

Writing by Maria Emirades // Photograph by Andriy // I’ve been thinking about this little problem lately, and realising that this sense of ‘not enough’ has less to do with my own approval of my body parts, and everything to do with how someone else feels about them.

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Finding My Wonderland

Writing by Maria Emrides // Illustration by Freya Bennett // It’s never too late to do things differently and to go in search of what will truly make you feel good. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable at first and will take some adjusting, but being kind to your body is a relationship worth working on and worth having.

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The Bright Side of a Broken Heart: Book Review

Review by Maria Ermides // Another nice feature of this memoir is that it’s perfect for picking up and putting down and re-reading for gathering inspiration. Her beautifully written snippets work seamlessly to detail her unique experience, and I can guarantee that by the time you finish ‘The Bright Side of a Broken Heart’, you will have gained a different perspective of what it means to love and lose and love once again.

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