I’m a work in progress who one day hopes to be an inspiration to young girls who are trying to work it all out too. I also live in Brisbane and love to write, dance and create things.

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Finding My Wonderland

Writing by Maria Emrides // Illustration by Freya Bennett // It’s never too late to do things differently and to go in search of what will truly make you feel good. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable at first and will take some adjusting, but being kind to your body is a relationship worth working on and worth having.

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The Bright Side of a Broken Heart: Book Review

Review by Maria Ermides // Another nice feature of this memoir is that it’s perfect for picking up and putting down and re-reading for gathering inspiration. Her beautifully written snippets work seamlessly to detail her unique experience, and I can guarantee that by the time you finish ‘The Bright Side of a Broken Heart’, you will have gained a different perspective of what it means to love and lose and love once again.

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