Marta Braggio is a photographer and art curator from Vicenza (Italy). She loves art, patterned skirts, colours, and her big dogs Aika and Maya. You can find her on Instagram @martabraggio

Posts contributed to by Marta Braggio

Scared to Create

Writing by Kim Koelmeyer // Photograph by Marta Braggio // I don’t want my creativity to die out from years of misuse, but I’m also scared of sharing it in a climate full of professionals. If I continue to perform in the privacy of my own home, it’s still mine.

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Bloody Hell Part Five

Interview of Joanna Nilson by Zadie McCracken // Photograph by Marta Braggio // Lots of women have periods but some women don’t, so it’s important to remember that when we have these types of discussions. That can be for a bunch of reasons – they’re trans, they have hormonal issues or have had a hysterectomy…some men have periods!

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Poem by Sydney Scanlon // Photograph by Marta Braggio

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Why Are Married Women Still Changing Their Name?

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Photograph by Marta Braggio // Our names are tied to our identity. It’s the first thing we learn to write, and the last thing left behind when we die. It connects us to our family and cultural heritage. So why does heterosexual marriage have to mean completely uprooting a woman’s identity?

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THE POSTAL VOTE: Show Them How It’s Done

Writing by Elise Langford // Photograph by Marta Braggio // If you’re over 18 please make sure you are on the electoral roll. If you’re under 18, encourage your older friends/siblings/parents/workmates/random people you meet in the street to register and to vote.

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