Mikaela Felstead works as a qualified naturopath and nutritionist at OWN Health in Brisbane. Originally from country Victoria, Mikaela grew up in a beautiful mud brick house built by her parents, surrounded by a 5 acre bush block. To this day, she still finds peace and comfort in the sounds of a kookaburra’s laugh, rain on the roof at night, and the summery groan of a lawn mower. Mikaela loves Christmas, papaya, AFL, being at the beach, soaking up the sunshine with her bare feet on the grass, and hearing her daughter giggle hysterically when her daddy tickles her.

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Get Informed About the Pill: Part 2

Writing by Mikaela Felstead of OWN Health // Photograph by Alessandra Scalogna // If you are considering taking the pill for medical conditions like acne, here are some other options to try out before resorting to the pill.

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Get Informed About the Pill: Part 1

Writing by Mikaela Felstead of OWN Health // Photograph byResa Rot // Put simply, most hormonal contraceptives promote continuously high levels of oestrogen to circulate throughout the body. Unfortunately, research shows this to be quite dangerous in the long-term.

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