Mina Dimitrovski is an analog photographer from a small town, Zrenjanin, in Serbia. She has been taking photos on film for quite a while and is interested in self-exploring through taking self portraits. She sees them as a way of communicating and getting to know herself better. Vivid colors, soft light, nice skin tones, true emotions, and atmosphere are what she tries to show on her photographs. Telling stories with photographs is sometimes not enough for her, as she’s in a quest for a surreal eye candy. Portraits of her friends, architecture, and nature are her inspiration. And it’s all on film! Find her photographs on Flickr and Facebook.

Posts contributed to by Mina Dimitrovski

On Being Seen

Writing by Caity Fowler // Photograph by Mina Dimitrovski // When we are hating and blaming and judging, we are not seeing people, we are seeing agendas and stories–theirs, and our own.

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What Does the New Year Mean to You?

Writing by Lucy Hotchin // Photograph by Mina Dimitrovski // I want to be happy and healthy and I want to help people, so I will be focusing on looking after myself SO that I can help people, because if I’m not well, then I certainly can’t help those around me.

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The M Word

Writing by Angelica Crisostomo // Photograph by Mina Dimitrovski // At some point in our lives, we have heard or will hear a statement like, “Men suck,” come from a woman, or “Why are white people like this?” come from a POC.

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How the Stigma of Herpes Has Changed My Life

Writing by Anonymous // Photographs by Mina Dimitrovski // I hope that our perspectives on sex and sexuality shift in the future so that herpes is no longer something people feel they have to keep secret.

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