Miska is a 17 yo artist who works essentially on photography and collages. She is from Lille, France. Miska attaches importance to the idea of doing arty things full of sense. In real life, Miska is named Clara, and she is someone really open minded who takes chances and tests everything. She likes meeting people and to discuss the world; especially society and feminism. Miska sometimes writes articles for VraiesMeufs (www.vraiesmeufs.com, a french blog which promotes feminism and cheers on a lot of girls projects. Miska discovered Ramona Magazine because she is really interested in this kind of medias which are really important for the feminism. Visit Miska on Intagram : @miska__________

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How Much is a Little Girl Worth?

Writing by Hannah Forsdike // Photograph by MISKA // Thank you to Judge Aquilina for offering these survivors a voice. Thank you to the 150+ women who made statements. And thank you to the survivors who continue fighting to hold everyone involved in enabling Nassar accountable. The strength of these survivors will empower others.

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