Nadia Bautista a.k.a Miss Complejo is a photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She portrays the female body in the most natural way, giving beauty to every part of it. Owner of an extreme softness and a strong look, “Miss Complejo” keeps a finesse that has stood out since she began to photograph 6 years ago. “I can find beauty in all kind of bodies” has been her premise, and holds it.

Posts contributed to by Nadia Bautista

Coming To Terms With My Sexuality

Writing by Toni Stanger // Photograph by Nadia Bautista // Every time I thought about it – which was every second of the day– let’s be honest – it made my heart race and struck me with immense panic. Could I be gay? I didn’t know if it was true.  But I knew I didn’t want it to be.

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The First Breakup

Writing by Kim Koelmeyer // Photograph by Nadia Bautista // Almost all of us will go through a breakup, and the first one can hit hard. But it’s also an opportunity for reflection, evaluation, and learning lessons that will stay with you forever, even if the person who broke your heart doesn’t.

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19 Tips for 19 Years

Writing by Naila Karim // Photograph by Nadia Bautista // It’s OK to be 19 and still have no idea who you are. Not really a tip, but just a reminder. This one will most likely be on my list next year as well. It’s okay if you’re still figuring out who the hell you are and what you want in life–I’m still there too.


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