Nadia Fragnito is a writer, teacher and passionate foodie. She has made it her mission to seek a
life of la dolce vita with a healthy appreciation of appetite and food – without the body image guilt!
She is a published poet, playwright and blogger and her articles have been have been featured in
Vegan Lifestyle Magazine and Vegan Travel. You can find her original recipes and lifestyle tips on
her website The Road Not Taken, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Posts contributed to by Nadia Fragnito

Confessions Of A Curvy Woman

Writing by Nadia Fragnito // Photograph by Arianna Ceccarelli // Surely I’m not the only woman whose weight and body shape has seesawed throughout her life. So I hope you can relate to this when I reveal that my unhappiest times have been when I’ve been at my skinniest.

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