Nita is a 24 year old woman from Iran who grew up in a very religious family. She has fought for many things in order to have a normal life like other women around the world. She didn’t believe she was gay, but she has always known that love is something beyond gender and she totally swallowed it when she met her brilliant girl. She has not married her wife on paper yet but they started loving each other from their first day of university. Unfortunately no one knows and they have not had the chance to live with each other.
Nita wants members of other societies to know Iran has lovers of the same sex who are loyal even if their own families must not know about their loves.

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IRAN: Forbidden Same Sex Love

Writing by Nita // Illustration by Arielle Jennings // I was eager to write my story in order to prove to everyone around the world that although we are dissenting voices in our community, we can not open our heart to people easily without fear.

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