Paolo Barretta is a 23 year old Italian photographer based in Bologna. He grew up close to the sea trying to understand who he was until it became a relevant part of him. That’s why ‘I am Winter’ is his pseudonym: because of the coldness he used to feel on the skin looking at it for covering the thoughts. He’s the kind of person who’s looking for a way and it doesn’t matter where it could take him, because the only reason he cares is about the gradient. Follow Paolo on Instagram @iamwinter

Posts contributed to by Paolo Barretta

A Fine Line

Writing by Auzeen Mendoza // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // Just another hour until the sun went to bed and the sky would be dark and blue again, then Izarah’s shift would be over. She put her headphones back on and returned her duties, holding back tears over Opus 23.


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Writing by Sophie Rose // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // I have no idea where it’s going, but for once, it doesn’t really matter. I’m getting the opportunity to get to know someone again, with a clean slate and also an existing degree of affection and familiarity.

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Love and Jane Austen

Writing by Haylee Penfold // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // As my interest in literature become more influential, I began to regain a respectful interest on the topic of love – it’s hard not to when you indulge in the creations of writers like Jane Austen.

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One Girl’s Story to Equal Rights in the Dating World

Writing by Bryce Mills // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // Dating is absolutely completely different for every single person, and juggling two people at once is certainly not for everyone. For me, it’s been a positive experience. It’s taught me that I don’t have to and absolutely should not settle for companionship.

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Little Miss Sunshine

Writing by Lara Ozansoy // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // You know there’s a fine line between these two sentences: “I’m missing you’’ and “I missed you’’. There’s a part in my body that is a hole without you, and I missed the chances of catching you and making you a rock in my life.

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Poem by Julia Banks // Photograph by Paolo Barretta

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Writing by Ferris Knight // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // I was, and am, fortunate. When rebuilding my life I was lucky enough to meet some amazing, supportive people. They validated my fears and were as angry and frustrated as I was that the system was flawed.

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