Resa is a 36 year old photographer from Leipzig, Germany. Find her on Facebook.

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ARMPITS: The Not So Bad or Ugly

Writing by Eloise Skeet // Photograph by Resa Rot // No matter if you prefer to be with or without hair, you are beautiful no matter what the hair removal adverts and fully lasered models tell you. Acceptance of ourselves is the most important thing.

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Learn How to Love Yourself: Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Writing by T // Photograph by Resa Rot //  It all started with me going on diets all the time because 14 year old me thought that losing weight would make me look exactly like my friends. I didn’t want to accept the fact that everyone is different and that there are plenty of different body types.

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Get Informed About the Pill: Part 1

Writing by Mikaela Felstead of OWN Health // Photograph byResa Rot // Put simply, most hormonal contraceptives promote continuously high levels of oestrogen to circulate throughout the body. Unfortunately, research shows this to be quite dangerous in the long-term.

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