Richa Gupta is an Editor of The Ramona Collective at Ramona Magazine for Girls, and a teen poet and blogger. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Moledro Magazine, an international literary magazine. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Literary Orphans, The Missing Slate, New Plains Review, and Poetry Quarterly, among others. She is a blog contributor with The Huffington Post and a youth blogger with Voices of Youth. Richa was born in 1999 and resides in Bangalore, India.

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Interview of Devanshi by Richa Gupta // A very close and wise friend of mine once told me that advice is perhaps only useful for the person who gives it. And I do believe that. But I want to tell every girl out there that I am there for her, that I believe her, and that there is nothing in the world women can’t conquer.

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16 December 2012

Poem by Richa Gupta // Illustration by Helena Ravenne // CONTENT WARNING: Rape, abuse of women, murder

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Interview of Saniya Rohida by Richa Gupta // I am lucky enough to be friends with a few brilliant poets who are constantly and consistently addressing issues in their poetry that would be considered taboo in the Indian society. I have almost always written exclusively for myself, as a way of communicating with my mind, to have a conversation with myself.

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MEET: Audrey

Interview of Audrey Lee by Richa Gupta // Prior to my sophomore year of high school when I was diagnosed as bipolar II, I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I grew up always thinking “there’s something wrong with me” and feeling at fault about my mental illnesses – but it’s not my fault.

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MEET: Diksha Bijlani

Interview of Diksha Bijlani by Richa Gupta // If you have a story to tell, or a personal experience so important that it would be an insult to not speak about it, please take up the mic. I aspire to see a time when youngsters and adults alike learn to deal with issues by speaking creatively.

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AMAZING BABE: Meggie Royer

Interview of Meggie Royer by Richa Gupta // I’m actually currently struggling with writer’s block. I’d say I’ve been struggling with it for several months now. For me, it either comes in the form of having difficulty brainstorming a topic to write about, or finding a topic but struggling to write about it.

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MEET: Olivia

Interview of Olivia Hu by Richa Gupta // I’m oddly obsessed, in a very geekish way, with Hermione Granger. She showers herself in myriads of books, all the while being a resilient and strongly capable young lady.

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