Romy Listo is a 23 year old self-taught, mixed-media collage artist from the sunny climes of Brisbane, Australia. She loves yoga, coffee and is a PhD student in sociology in her other life, where she spends her days thinking about the world and all its messy and wonderful contradictions. You can find her on instagram @wheretheromi and @wheretheartsy and youtube @wheretheromi.

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Whose Body Anyway

Writing by Anonymous // Art by Romy Listo //  What happens if we claim our bodies back? What happens when we adorn and dress for ourselves, eat for ourselves, move for ourselves, and have sex for ourselves? We can reclaim and redefine our roles and selves as women.

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Interview of Romy Listo by Sophie Pellegrini // I don’t really know what I’m doing though, I’ve barely exhibited my work and I basically got started by posting on Instagram!

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