Rupika is an illustrator from India. Her vivid illustrations have a central theme of carefree, independent women – mostly inspired by her own life and the people around her. She loves doing galaxy art and thinks shes’s nailed her own style for it! Even though she’s been drawing for as long as she remembers, pursuing a degree in engineering got in the way.  Only about a year ago did she go back to her pencils and paints and start taking her art seriously enough to set up an IG account to showcase her illustrations (you can check them out here). Currently, she’s shuffling her time between her day job (as a technical analyst and software engineer) and art; the end game, of course, being able to make a living as an artist. 

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Writing by Ruby Jones // Illustration by Rupi Rangaswamy // Our playlist extraordinaire Ruby Jones is back with her definitive spring time playlist – a collection of tracks to welcome the opportunity for fresh starts (no matter where in the world you’re listening from!)

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