Ferris Knight is a Melbourne-based writer who occasionally puts some sentences together but mostly just drinks too much caffeine.

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MY BIPOLAR STORY: More Than Just Happy

Writing by Ferris Knight // Illustration by Andra Badea // Bipolar is often described as happy and sad, but to an extreme. I personally think of it as technicolour explosion versus a monochrome implosion. There is nothing happy about mania and nothing as simple as sadness when it comes to depression.

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Self Care and the Plebiscite

Writing by Ferris Knight // Photograph by Catarina Inacio // Whichever way this vote goes, and whatever the politicians do as a result of it – you are valid. You are loved. You deserve safety and security and happiness.

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Writing by Ferris Knight // Photograph by Paolo Barretta // I was, and am, fortunate. When rebuilding my life I was lucky enough to meet some amazing, supportive people. They validated my fears and were as angry and frustrated as I was that the system was flawed.

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