Sara Lorusso is a 21-year-old photographer who lives in Bologna where she creates mainly analogue images that are inspired by her everyday life. She tries to express her love for life, especially the daily things like waking up, brushing her teeth, playing with her cats, and kissing her boyfriend, through photography. Follow her on Facebook.

Posts contributed to by Sara Lorusso

How to Love: Lessons From My Parents

Writing by Celine Floyd // Photograph by Sara Lorusso // My parents’ relationship ultimately showed us both that while loving someone is already plenty, it is imperative that we know how to treat our special someones so they not only realize they’re loved, but they actually feel it, too.

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Learning to Love Myself with Dermatillomania

Writing by Dani Leever // Photo by Sara Lorusso // Most importantly, I remind myself, and others who suffer the same compulsions, that this illness in no way invalidates my being and my ability to accept love.

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Periods: A Bloody Misunderstanding

Writing by Kim Koelmeyer // Photograph by Sara Lorusso // The stigmas and misunderstandings surrounding menstruation work to make periods something that is far removed from society—something to be dealt with discreetly to avoid embarrassment. 

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Being Queer and Pride Month

Writing by Lucy Hotchin // Photograph by Sara Lorusso //While I love being queer, it is difficult to be proud when so many queer people are not treated as equals; when so many do not have the same privileges that I do, or the privileges of a gay white male.

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