Seth Lukas Hynes is a freelance writer and film critic from Badger Creek. He is the weekly film critic for the Mountain Views Mail newspaper, and is the author of Trans-Sentient, a self-published book of cyberpunk short stories.

Posts contributed to by Seth Lukas Hynes

Mothra and Women in Refrigerators

Writing and art by Seth Lukas Hynes // Gender is an incidental and usually irrelevant attribute of giant monsters, but in King of the Monsters (and the Japanese franchise), Godzilla and Mothra are explicitly gendered as male and female (respectively). 

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REVIEW: Small Fry

Review and artwork by Seth Hynes // Lisa delivers beautiful, evocative prose and a remarkably lucid account of her past. She calmly ponders the motivations of her fragmented family, while acknowledging that she’s only scratched the surface of her inscrutable father,

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Can We Still Enjoy Problematic Media? Part Two

Writing and artwork by Seth Lukas Hynes // A common expression states that we talk with our wallets, but we judge with them too. By refusing to consume media made by people who have committed cruel or hateful acts, you send a message, to perpetrators and fellow consumers, that these actions are not okay.

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Can We Still Enjoy Problematic Media? PART ONE

Writing and artwork by Seth Lukas Hynes // I enjoyed and recommend all of these creative works, but these recommendations come with heavy, uncomfortable caveats due to certain morally offensive elements.

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I Was Nearly Somebody’s Weinstein

Writing by Seth Lukas Hynes // Photograph by Catarina Inacio // I wrote this article to apologise to any women in the past who I may have made uncomfortable with my disrespectful behaviour. But more pertinently, I wrote this article to express solidarity from the other side, as it were, with all of Harvey Weinstein’s victims and every victim of sexual abuse. Several times in my life, I was almost somebody’s Weinstein, and this fact fills me with shame.

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