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Sharna Southan

Sharna Southan is a Pregnancy Loss Coach and Self Healing Spiral Practitioner. Sharna is Mum to a toddler – her rainbow baby – a loving wife and a business owner with her husband.

Following her heart and soul into business to help guide and support women through Pregnancy Loss after experiencing her own loss in 2017, Sharna founded the Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss.

Sharna firmly believes that our adversity gives us an opportunity to grow. To shed all that isn’t serving us in our life, to reconnect to our heart and soul and build a life that serves us on a holistic level.

Sharna created The Pregnancy Loss Recovery Method which supports and empowers women and men who have experienced pregnancy loss to regain control and compassionately release their emotions, reconnect to their identity and rediscover the magic in their life again.

Check out Sharna’s website here and follow her on Instagram here